A picture of me

Hi, I'm Tarkan.

I'm a full-stack developer who started writing code as a hobby 13 years ago. It was all about the game Minecraft back then, which quickly evolved into a freelance adventure, that would teach how to write efficient backend solutions and as well as modifications to the game. As time went on I started gaining an interest for web development, both for the frontend and the backend. This is where I'm still at now, having created several websites and larger platforms and loving the work I do.

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Work experience

A list of my past and current work positions.

Twoday Logo
Backend Developer Consultant
twoday | 2023 to Present
Aspiri Logo
Full-stack Developer
Aspiri A/S | 2022 to Present
Mimer IVS was bought by Aspiri A/S in january of 2022 as a part of the deal, I was to be sold with the company to both continue development on Mimer's existing projects but also work on Aspiri's new development projects. At Aspiri I've worked on creating a video on-demand streaming service, for helping students enrolled in the Danish universities by providing extra education alongside their university programmes. I single-handedly had to develop their frontend and backend from scratch, but all while connecting to their existing MSSQL database. While developing this project I had the help of the existing developer on the old projects, to guide me through how the database structure was setup.
ReactNext.jsMSSQLASP.NETC#TypescriptRxJSWindows Server
Mimer Logo
Full-stack Developer
Mimer IVS | 2020 to 2022
After having worked for Mimer IVS as a freelance developer for a long period of time, they hired me to be a part of their IT/Development team. This included their website www.mimer.dk, which I wrote from scratch when I was a freelance developer. It also included a new website I would have to rewrite from www.studieakademiet.dk. Tying it all together was backend projects for the two websites and a shared internal administration tool. Later on I created an internal intranet which utilises WebRTC to allow for classrooms for hybrid classrooms, which would stream video between the classrooms and students tuning in from home.
Vue.jsNuxtASP.NETSpring BootC#TypeScriptKotlinPostgreSQLWebRTCLinux Servers
Unit IT Logo
Systems Developer
Unit IT A/S | 2019 to 2020
I worked at Unit IT A/S in connection with my education as a software developer. I worked on a bunch of internal tools, which I either wrote from scratch or built upon as the only developer, under the guidance of a senior developer. As the department of Unit IT A/S I was employed in was heavily focused on MSSQl databases and Windows Servers I got a lot of experience working directly with the SQL server and writing fast and efficient SQL statements.
MSSQLASP.NETBlazor.NET.NET FrameworkVue.jsC#Visual BasicJavaScriptWindows Server
Mimer Logo
Freelance Developer
Mimer IVS | 2018 to 2020
While I worked as a freelance developer for Mimer IVS, I was the only developer and was originally hired to maintain an existing website and platform. Because of some circumstances that occurred, we decided that it would be better if I were to rewrite their entire website and platform from scratch.
ProxyPipe Logo
Lead Full-stack Developer
ProxyPipe, Inc. | 2018 to 2019
I was in charge of a small team of 3-4 people that were tasked with developing a product to sell and automatically deploy linux servers. Though due to me having school alongside working here, I had to step down before I could see the project to the end.
Craftimize Logo
Software Developer Consultant
Craftimize | 2015 to 2018
I worked closely with customers when having to develop new products and features for them. Whether that's updating existing products, creating new products and optimizing original code as most of the code were to be run on a Minecraft server, which should be able to hold hundreds to thousands of players at the same time.

My skills

A non-exhaustive list of my favourite tools and technologies I use.



Frontend Frameworks


Backend Frameworks

.NETASP.NETSpring BootVert.xEntity FrameworkExpressServerless Functions

SQL Databases


NoSQL Databases



Jetbrains IDEsVisual Studio Code

Operating Systems

MacOSWindowsLinuxLinux ServersWindows Servers




A history of my education.

Business Academy Aarhus
Highschool Education
HTX, EUC Syd, Aabenraa
Self-taught programmer